Seminole Tribe of florida loses UDRP on and
Legalization a For Online Gaming, Obama Administration leaves uncertainty in california.
Online Gaming Legalization a hot topic, Where does Nevada fit in?
Whats going on with online gaming?
Could Online Poker Still have a ace up it's sleeve
  U.S Shutters Online Gaming Sites - Wired Magazine
  Nations capitol bets online poker lawful - WSJ
  U.S. crackdown a prelude to legislation - The Economist
  Online gambling wildly popular - NPR
  So what happened to the player's money? - Business Insider
Florida Senate kills bill to regulate online poker - St. Pete' Times
  New Jersey - Governor Christie rejects online gaming citing concerns about federal law. 
  Nevada - Gaming control board says that online gaming law is vague. The state is still trying to pass online poker.
  Washington DC - District approves online poker even as Feds crackdown elsewhere.
  Illinois - Passes a bill that allows online wagering via state lottery. Expected to request clarification from the federal government
  Florida - Two bills introduced to legalize online gambling after study finds state loses $40 million in potential tax revenue each year from the estimated 300,000 residents that currently wager online.

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